The Joy of Seeing: Photography My Way – A Lecture for Camera Clubs & Photographic Societies

My fourth lecture follows on from my first three, all of which are chronological – ‘Urban Exploration to Fine Art: A Photographic Journey’, ‘iPhoneography to Fellowship: My Continuing Journey’ and ‘A Photographer’s Perspective: My Life Through a Lens’. Here I will re-visit some derelict locations, some of which are very dark and full of shadows, show a range of iPhone shots, a series entitled ‘Miksang’ (Tibetan for ‘Good Eye’), candids of people in cafés, and sharing how I created some of my multi-layered images using Photoshop.

I began visiting derelict buildings in 2009, and was for a time quite an active member of the ‘UrbEx scene’, during which time I shot hundreds of photographs in various locations. In this talk I’ll be showing some of these previously unseen images, including a section of photos shot indoors in very low light, leading to very deep and dark shadows from which the lighter elements gently emerge.

I wouldn’t be me if there weren’t some photos shot on an iPhone, and there is a small series named ‘Café Life’ capturing candidly some of the customers I have observed over time. There is a collection of images shot in the ‘Miksang’ form of contemplative photography, a method I am very interested in and seem to naturally gravitate towards without even realising that what I was doing was ‘a thing’. It is about placing the mind’s attention without distraction to connect with what one sees deeply and intimately, and to express that with the camera simply and precisely. In the last part of the talk I will explain how I created some of my multi-layered photo composites in Photoshop.


About Viveca Koh FRPS

I am a self-taught Fine Art photographer, and I see potential images everywhere around me, often things that many seem to miss or simply pass by. Abandoned buildings are a passion of mine, as are the details of places that attract my eye, the minutiae that collects in hidden corners, the small parts of bigger things that are fascinating in their own right. I enhance many of my photographs with texture layers and overlays, experimenting with digital double exposure, using old documents that I have collected to add a different dimension to the work in question.

In 2014 I was awarded a Fellowship Distinction by the Royal Photographic Society, following on from LRPS in April 2010 and ARPS in June 2011.
I am a member of the RPS Visual Art Group and Digital Imaging Group, previous Honorary Secretary of the former (2013-2018), and a Friend of the London Salon of Photography. I am an LRPS Panel Member, a part of the team involved in awarding the Licentiateship distinction.

I have exhibited in a number of venues, and all my photographs are sold via my website as signed numbered Limited Edition Giclée Fine Art prints via my website

Testimonials on this presentation and my work in general.

Other Talks – now booking

‘Urban Exploration to Fine Art: a Photographic Journey’

‘From iPhoneography to Fellowship: My Continuing Journey’

‘A Photographer’s Perspective: My Life Through A Lens’


To Book

Viveca’s fee for this talk is £150.00, plus the full cost of fuel and mileage at 45p per mile (in line with current PAGB guidelines), to your Club/Photographic Society from her home in Addlestone, Surrey with overnight accommodation requested for travel above 70 miles.

The presentation will be presented on a laptop connected to your projector, contains around 180 slides, and fits within a two hour time frame including a 10-15 minute tea break.

For initial inquiry please email Viveca at or telephone 07956 517 524

3rd March 2017 – Eastbourne Photographic Society

5th March 2017 – RPS Digital Imaging Group AGM

25th January 2018 – Beacon Camera Club

10th May 2018 – Chertsey Camera Club

6th September 2018 – Chichester Camera Club

16th October 2018 – Bognor Regis Camera Club

29th October 2018 – Lewes Camera Club

29th October 2019 – Northfields Camera Club

25th March 2020 – Horsham Photographic Society

22nd April 2020 – Canterbury Photographic Society

20th February 2020 – Wallingford Photographic Club


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