Multiplicity self portrait with artwork by Phlegm, Sheffield (Viveca Koh)
Mark and I went up to Sheffield in South Yorkshire at the weekend, to find and photograph street art in the area, following information on locations from our friend Romanywg (author of this fabulous book on the subject).   We braced ourselves to get up very early on Sunday morning to make the three and a half hour drive north, and arrived in good time mid-morning to find the first location easily.

This piece is by artist Phlegm, painted in a burnt out derelict shell of a building, featuring large expanses of wall that are ideally suited to his works.  There were three pieces at this location (more to come on those soon) and whilst this one was my favourite, I loved all of his work that I saw during the day, and that I have seen before.  It’s hard for me to explain why, because I’ve never pretended to be an art critic – if I like it, I like it – I don’t feel the need to drone on about the work in a string of clichés and ‘Art Speak’, because what I see always appeals to me on an emotional level, not a cerebral one.  Phlegm’s very distinctive style and creations delight my soul  – I don’t think I need to say anymore…..

Phlegm detail_1


Phlegm Detail_2 Sheffield, UK


Phlegm Detail_3 Sheffield, UK


Phlegm Detail_4 Sheffield, UK


Phlegm Detail_5 Sheffield, UK

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8 Responses to “Procession”

  1. Chris Wray says:

    Hauntingly beautiful image. Love the very graphic and visceral style of Phlegm. Your signature multiple-exposure image is really suited to this subject. Well done, V!

  2. […] Viveca says in her blog post – I also cannot give any professional critique so will just say that these are wonderful, […]

  3. I TOTALLY feel the same way about art, myself! I think art is highly subjective and we do need pro’s and all that in the field to some degree, but at the end of the day you either like or don’t like someone’s work. This is just INCREDIBLE work here, and well captured, too! Awesome work here Viveca, I really enjoyed it!

  4. Love it, Phlegm is one serious dude, great shot !

  5. Jim Denham says:

    I’m the same way about art V, if I like it, I like it. I like this!

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