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New Forest Haven

Mark and I went down to the caravan owned by him and his Mum at Sandy Balls for a one night getaway this previous weekend, and spent a lot of time happily absorbed in photography on both days.  Saturday was bright and clear, very cold and with more snow still on the ground, Sunday was […]

Article in RPS Visual Art Group Magazine

Article in RPS Visual Art Group Magazine

I was commissioned to write this article for the journal of one of the sub-groups of The Royal Photographic Society, the Visual Art Group, founded in 1921 “to foster the interest and advancement in all matters relating to Pictorial Photography”.  These pages are reproduced with kind permission of the Editor of the journal, Dr David F. […]

The Museum

Here I am in a borrowed hard hat at the museum attached to the abandoned ECVB powerplant in Belgium.  It was completely un-vandalised which was refreshing to witness, and all the crumbliness around me was simply the gradual and inevitable decay of a derelict building just giving in the the advances of time.  I’m not […]

Crossness Pumping Station

Last weekend Mark and I visited Crossness Pumping Station in Abbey Wood, which is only open to the public a few times per year, and was on this occasion open for the annual Open House event.  After a lengthy queue to enter the building, we were then faced with another queue once inside to enter […]

Two Mirrors

Shot at the wonderful and fascinating abandoned toolmakers in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, I was immediately drawn to this pair of windows with the grubby lace curtain reflected in the mirror lying on its’ side, and by the other objects scattered here, bathed in subtle light from the muted sky.  The central mirror in which I […]

The Cubbyholes of my Mind

  Trying something a little different here, in that I have taken a photo from the recent explore at the abandoned toolmakers in Sheffield and combined it with an older photograph of myself from the bandaged head series (used to create The Trick is to Keep Breathing).  I was aiming for something vaguely disturbing and […]



Mark and I went up to Sheffield in South Yorkshire at the weekend, to find and photograph street art in the area, following information on locations from our friend Romanywg (author of this fabulous book on the subject).   We braced ourselves to get up very early on Sunday morning to make the three and a […]

The Trick is to Keep Breathing

I made this image a while ago in an attempt to describe visually what depression feels like.  It was done from ‘memory’, some stages away from the depths of true despair (for if I were there, I would not have been able to work at all), the title indicative that if I can only summon up sufficient energy and […]

Viveca’s Garden

  Spent some time relaxing in my garden today, after taking all these photographs for a multiplicity image (for technique, please see my tutorial post), which was slightly tricky in that (a) the wind was quite strong therefore rustling and moving all the foliage, and (b) the tripod was crammed into the corner by my shed which […]

Our Hearts Will Always Separate

Took this one at Hellingly Asylum on Sunday.  I was initially attracted to the three rooms in a row, which were all painted a different colour inside and made me think of sweets, in particular because of the tiny glass windows high above the doors, glazed with extremely thick glass now cracked like a boiled […]


Spent a day down at Dungeness in Kent, taking “serious” photos with my Nikon on the tripod in order to slow myself down, and really look at everything long and hard before pressing the shutter (landscape is not my forté); and also the LX3 in the usual 1:1 aspect ratio for B&W snaps (which can […]

“Summer Breeze” – How I Created This Image

“Summer Breeze” – How I Created This Image

Having spent all afternoon on this image, I have decided once more to share how I did it, and which individual images went into making the final artwork.  I started with a self-portrait taken recently in the New Forest, using flash diffused through an umbrella, one of the first that I have ever done using […]

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