Take Me Down

Staircase in an abandoned asylum, with windows (Viveca Koh ARPS)

Another older image from Talgarth Asylum.  Was initially a bit disenchanted with this image when I created it, but a couple of days later it looks okay, if not particularly exciting.  I’m finding it really hard to be creative at the moment, and not at all inclined to take new photographs, which is why I have been looking back through the vaults of unprocessed work, in an attempt to see older images with new eyes, but I still feel a bit stuck in a rut.  I believe that my style is evolving and that I may possibly be moving away from textured UrbEx photographs, but equally having said that there is still so much on my hard drive awaiting processing that I feel it would be a terrible waste not to work on them at all EVER.  Watchword: “hmmmmm” (accompanied by perplexed furrowing of brow).  Advice: watch this space …..

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2 Responses to “Take Me Down”

  1. Oh I know what you’re saying. I’m finding it so hard to shoot anything at the moment. I want to be making pictures but I can’t seem to find what it is I want to shoot. I’m wondering if I should just put my cameras down for a while and take a break, but the thought of that is just too hard. Maybe sometimes we need to step back a little though and accept the droughts. What do you think?

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