Riding to Nowhere

Painting by artist Phlegm in abandoned building in Sheffield, South Yorkshire (Viveca Koh)

This was taken in the final location of our day trip to Sheffield, in a rather lethal building with rotten floors that felt squishy underfoot, but worth the danger as it was full of wonderful work from Phlegm, who had obviously had plenty of time to work undisturbed.  Mark and I have our joint photography down to a fine art now, where he will shoot one subject in a particular location and I will shoot another, before we swap around with barely a murmur, working together in harmony.

One thing he mentioned whilst we were out was the fact that when photographing street art it is quite hard to shoot it in a different way to what has gone before, as every photographer will always want to record the entire piece and there are only relatively limited angles from which one can do this.  When we got home later that day and he was showing me some of his shots on the back of the camera, I said “I’ve got one like that” ….. “oh, and that one!” ….. he said “what about this one?” and I replied “yup!”  However, we do both process our images quite differently, so I am quite confident that although we were at the same place at the same time, what you will see on both our blogs will record a unique impression of the art ……….. I hope so anyway!

Phlegm Detail_6 Sheffield, UK

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8 Responses to “Riding to Nowhere”

  1. Graham Skingley LRPS says:

    Really like this one (top image) very much. The inclusion of so much fascinating detail is great, and your control of all the lighting is superb.

  2. Andy Gimino says:

    The detail and the perspective in the top image is superb..Well done!

  3. Curt Fleenor says:

    Love the perspective and all of the added elements in the first shot! Nicely captured!

  4. You have NO idea how happy I am to see new work coming from your studio there, Viveca! This is absolutely top drawer! I’m sure going to love looking at both yours and Marks work here on your blogs, but today here we discuss your photos. That first one is just exquisite. I LOVE your processing style, you create such a sympathetic environ for your photographs my friend! Incredible work.

  5. Super shots really like the second with the metal pointing at the rider. I’m doing this set next week, so you crack on.

  6. Chris Nitz says:

    Bob said exactly what was on my mind. I simply just love this!

  7. Jim Denham says:

    Love the detail, angle and lines in the first image V! The insulation and exposed ceiling really add a great element to the fine art!

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