Books From Boxes

Files on shelves in abandoned Belgian powerplant (Viveca Koh)

Here’s the first one from my visit to ECVB powerplant in Belgium with Mark last month, and not the shot that most people would take while they are there but those of you that know me will understand that this is more ‘up my street’ than the ‘big industrial’ shots. Of course, I do have some of those, but not at all sure they do justice to that vast and magnificent UrbEx Cathedral of Pipey Goodness – I am so much better on the Small Stuff.

This was shot as level as possible on the tripod, so no straightening was required in Photoshop, then a Curves adjustment layer was applied to create medium contrast.  The text texture was made by me using a custom brush in Photoshop, and the final texture is from Jerry Jones.  All of these layers have been selectively masked out to enhance certain areas of the final image.

There will be some more to come from ECVB and Belgium, so please come back again!

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5 Responses to “Books From Boxes”

  1. […] landscape.  John Deas delivers a strong and compelling image, an absolutely delightful piece. Books From Boxes – a highly evocative piece from the studios of Viveca Koh shares a scene from an abandoned […]

  2. […] Books From Boxes – a highly evocative piece from the studios of Viveca Koh shares a scene from an abandoned power station.  Leaving others to capture the large architectural details of the facility, Viveca focused primarily on the detail work and this picture showcases the emotion and drama of the setting just perfectly. […]

  3. A.Barlow says:

    I really like this and the overlay works good too. Nice work.

  4. Catherine McIntyre via Facebook says:

    Mmm lovely. I always go for the details too – very atmospheric, this one.

  5. This is wonderful, Viveca, just wonderful! Great detailed study on the books here. Love the textures you’ve applied and the details in the shot here really produce a lot of interest; enough to keep me occupied for quite some time, that’s for sure!! Great work, my friend!

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