Desolation Echoes

Piano in an abandoned mental asylum (Viveca Koh ARPS)

This is quite an old photograph taken at Talgarth Asylum in Wales during January 2010. It was very cold and incredibly damp in there – I don’t think I had ever been anywhere so resolutely soggy – and everything was warping, cracking, peeling, mouldering and rotting, including this magnificent old instrument that was simply left behind.  I always find there is something very sad about pianos in abandoned buildings, it seems so wrong to just give up on them, instead of trying to relocate them to a place where they can continue to be played, to produce music and bring pleasure to those that listen.  A dismal end indeed.

This photograph has also made Flickr Explore, which I was quite happy about!

2014: A late addition: I was very pleased to be contacted by singer/songwriter Dan Tedesco wanting to buy this photograph to use as a cover on his album ‘Death in the Valley’ – it looks pretty good I think.

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4 Responses to “Desolation Echoes”

  1. Rotweiss says:

    Fantastic shot, i like your processing!

  2. Ben Tucker says:

    Awesome shot! love the detail!

  3. Catherine McIntyre via Facebook says:

    Beautiful image!

  4. Wow, wow, wow. Poignant and profound, Viveca! I love your composition; the way you show us the next room with a peek in the doorway there adds a ton of drama and intrigue. I am in total agreement with you about the left behind pianos and organs you guys find on your adventures; why not move them and let them live on? I love this shot, and all the questions and mystery it shares with us.

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