Padded Hell

Padded cell at West Park Asylum, with dead bird (Viveca Koh/Viveca Koh ARPS)

This is an image I created a couple of months ago, but at the time it didn’t pass my high ‘quality control’ standards, not quite coming together in the way that I envisioned, and was in any case feeling too down about my work to believe that it had any potential whatsoever. Today decided that I really must have a go at ‘doing a photo’ as it’s been such a long time, but it’s been really hard – I’ve looked through the volume of unprocessed RAW files patiently waiting on my hard drive, and feel miserably that I am lacking the necessary creativity to produce anything new from scratch. Therefore I re-visited the above image, made a few adjustments to it, and whilst I’m still not fully happy with the end result it is at least a new picture which equals a new and long overdue blog post, and hopefully will spur me on to do other photographs in time.

This is the padded cell at West Park Asylum, merged with a dead Jackdaw that I found strung up under the eaves of  a country barn.  Not the brightest of subjects I fear, but then I am not in the brightest place ….

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10 Responses to “Padded Hell”

  1. I haven’t spoken to you since you gave a talk at our club (LBPC) but this picture resonates with my feelings at the moment, hence my comments.
    On an emotional level this image gives me hope (the open window suggests an escape) so I find it, in some respects cathartic and it’s given me a shove to get out of the doldrums and get going. Thank you.
    Technically, I can’t fault it. From my perspective it ticks all the boxes and is a worthy addition to your oeuvre.

    • Hi Mike, apologies, I have only just seen your comment as I’ve let everything lapse here since Mum died in May. Thank you so much for your words, and I’m really glad to think that I might have inspired you – that makes my day. Hope you’re feeling better now?

  2. I love the subject matter here, and how you’ve put it together. Suits my mood at the moment too. Sometimes it’s good to just keep working, even if it’s not our best work. One foot in front of the other and all that.

  3. I am absolutely delighted to see this today, Viveca! What a wonderful piece of art you have created here. Sometimes I find that this act of creation can be very cathartic, especially if it is drawn upon from within. What fabulous textures and details here, and I just LOVE the tones you pull out of this scene; very dramatic and highly emotional indeed. Mrs. Toad will be thrilled to see this, my dear dear friend! We’re thinking of you!

  4. Tom Barnett says:

    Viveca, this is a great piece of art. There’s a lot of emotion in here and a feeling of an untold story. Great Processing as well.

  5. Great work and REALLY glad to see you getting back on the horse again. Stick at it darling, I know you can do it.

  6. Jim Denham says:

    Great to see a post from ya V! Very creative and very dark. The texturing is quite good!

  7. Jose Vazquez says:

    Wow…there’s so much emotion in this. I absolutely love the tones and textures. Hope your spirits continue to brighten 🙂

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