Camelia with water drops, bokeh and other layers applied (Viveca Koh)

After struggling for some time to produce any new work that I considered remotely satisfactory, I decided to step away from my usual UrbEx subjects and try something completely different, to see if I could get some of my lost inspiration to return.

These are both two photographs combined, of Camelias covered in droplets of water after heavy rainfall, and the top one is actually the revised version of the original image below, which is much darker in tone and character.  The original has two additional texture layers, masked out in places to knock back some of the effect, plus a tone curve to lighten slightly and finishing with a brightness/contrast adjustment layer at the end, as multiple layers and textures often result in a darker image.  I also added a border that I created with some textured brushes.

The top image is a lighter and more delicate version of the original, which I liked upon completion but also felt that there was more potential in there somewhere.  Here, both texture layers have been replaced with a single ‘bokeh’ layer, to remove some of the dark scratchiness of the first version, and I rotated the image to change the balance, with the flower now on the side.  There is some change in the layer masking to add and remove certain elements, also to alter the border.

I am quite happy with the way these have turned out, and will be experimenting with more along similar lines over time.  After all, a change is as good as a rest!

Camelia with water drops and other layers applied (Viveca Koh)

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20 Responses to “Flora”

  1. A.Barlow says:

    really cool composite feel to these. Very nice work.

  2. Love the mood and character of these both Viveca, very nicely done. Keep up the great work.
    Jay Taylor (aka Sirfishalot) recently posted..November 11th, 2011- Avian Friday: Snowy EgretMy Profile

  3. I am starting to think there is NOTHING you can’t do, Viveca! What an amazing pair of images here! They are so very beautiful and striking, and are absolutely unique. I would LOVE to see more in this style! I also love your UrBex stuff as well, but this is a delightful change of pace. We sure hope all is well for you, my friend, we’re thinking of you.

    • Viveca Koh says:

      Thank you dear Toad, for your kind words and appreciation! I am trying to widen my repertoire and do some other kinds of work apart from urbex, and it seems to be working ok 🙂 Hope you and Mrs Toad are doing well, and that life is not too hectic for you at the moment? Thinking of you too.

      • Thank you so much, my friend! We are a little overwhelmed at the moment with our respective workloads, but I do see an end to it in the coming months. We’re seriously looking forward to that, I can assure you. Best wishes to you and Mark, my friend!

  4. Barb Cochran says:

    Hi Viveca, Your top floral picture was reposted on Google+ as a tribute to your spectacular work–and I had to agree! Beautiful. I also added you to my circle of female photographers on Google+.

  5. A.Barlow says:

    These look really good. very artistic. I like the layering in them.

  6. Christopher Wray says:

    Delicious colour and texture! Floral beauty is so fleeting, it’s wonderful to capture its elegance in your photography. Art is forever!

  7. Amazing shots Viveca. And actually, I’m doing a floral project tonight myself, though I doubt I’ll be able to make something as magic as your shots.

    Very nice work.
    Am looking forward to more posts from you 🙂

    BTW: What has really interested me in your photos is the brilliant use of texture. Would you ever be interested in writing or explaining a bit more on how you use your texture and achieve the nice effects on your photos? And maybe also link to a good place to download textures for photo projects?

  8. Superb. both very nice, but again I’m with the others – top one for me. For one thing it’s FAR more commercial!
    Mark Blundell recently posted..SNBC – My Ticket Out Of HereMy Profile

  9. Chris Nitz says:

    I’m really liking these. The first one in particular is very pleasing. I am glad to see you found a new muse to dance to 🙂

    • Viveca Koh says:

      Thank you Chris, for your prompt RT on Twitter and for your words here – I was finding it really hard to work before and knew that I needed to try a different direction for a while.

  10. Edith Levy says:

    Both so lovely Viveca. I think you’ve done a tremendous job on this. If I had to choose I’d say I favor the top one as it is so delicate and beautiful.
    Edith Levy recently posted..Kensington MarketMy Profile

    • Viveca Koh says:

      Thanks so much Edith, and I have to say I agree with you as I like the top one best too – I think that’s why I created it from the first one, as it just seemed to me that there was more to add somehow.

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