Star Blossom, Part 2

Further images from my new project ‘Star Blossom’, of photo illustrations to accompany the poetry and prose of my uncle Fergus Chadwick.


Photo illustrations to accompany the book of poetry and prose by Fergus Chadwick (Viveca Koh)

 Other lives here on earth are alien,
or as good as, unless a silent message is
taken from another body.

Photo illustrations to accompany the book of poetry and prose by Fergus Chadwick (Viveca Koh)

Venus, boiled alive, Mercury
hypnotised, in white-hot chains,
forced never to look away.

Their cries are inaudible,
useless their complaints.
If there was music…

It’s in the lines of circling –
leaf-whispers pressed
in rings of a wooden block.

Crescent Moon

Out Late

The crescent moon
and evening star,

as if no sky were ever
as empty as this green

longing that starts
in the ribs, and ends

in your eyes, losing
grief, a mourner’s cloud.

Tomorrow in my head,
thinking of starry spaces.

© Viveca Koh / Fergus Chadwick.  All Rights Reserved.

‘Star Blossom’, Part 3 of 4

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4 Responses to “Star Blossom, Part 2”

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  2. My dear friend, your work once again leaves me without the proper words to express the wonder I feel! I truly think you are one of the leaders of our generation in this style of image creation, Viveca. Wow, really, these are all so very amazing!

  3. Edith Levy says:

    Viveca…just brilliant. Went back and had a look at the first post in this series (not sure how I missed it) and your visual interpretation of the poems is outstanding. Just love it!
    Edith Levy recently posted..By The Lake – A Vintage ViewMy Profile

    • Viveca Koh says:

      More great feedback, thank you so much Edith! It’s been a long time since I have done anything like this, so it’s very encouraging for me to know that you think I have interpreted my Uncle’s words well – I’m very pleased.

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