Review of my Second Lecture from Storrington Camera Club

I recently visited Storrington Camera Club again, to present my second talk to them. It went down very well, and I greatly appreciated my audience who were interested, engaged and responsive. Having been presenting my talks since 2012, I’ve lost count of the number I have now delivered, but I’ve observed over time that some audiences are much better than others. I have been to a few clubs where people have sat in stony silence, barely laughing at the amusing comments I make, essentially just not responding or giving anything back. I always do the best that I can, but it’s certainly much harder work with the latter type and I usually come away feeling exhausted rather than exhilarated.

Storrington were the exact opposite, so much so that I thanked them all at the end of my talk. Here’s the review by Chris West which made my day:

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One Response to “Review of my Second Lecture from Storrington Camera Club”

  1. cyrille says:

    nice to share your experience with Storrington Camera Club.
    i agree with you, it is always better to have an audience who is interested, engaged and responsive.

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