Strange Creatures

Faunagraphic _2 Sheffield, UK

This building was potentially tricky to get into, as it had been very thoroughly boarded up and there was no possibility of getting in through a window or door.  However, thanks to Mark’s excellent folding ladder we were able to gain access through the open roof space, in order to photograph these pieces by Faunagraphic and Rocket01.  Now sadly well past their prime, due in part to being painted on ceramic tiles (which are not the most durable surface in the world), and probably through being left open to the elements as well, it was still good to see how carefully these paintings were fitted into their surroundings.

Faunagraphic Detail_3 Sheffield, UK


Rocket01 _1 Sheffield, UK



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  1. Chris Wray says:

    How! You and Mark undertook quite a covert operation here. I love how the vegetation in the courtyard mimics the pattern of the peacock’s tail. Too bad the paint wasn’t durable, but in a way, it seems fitting that the building’s decrepit state is echoed in the mural. Well done, V. Hope you have more in this series.

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