East London Street Art

Street art by Doombringer, Snub, Finbarr, DanK, Shoreditch, East London (Viveca Koh)

Street Art was one of the first subjects that I photographed “seriously” in summer 2008 after I had first bought my Nikon D700 and 24-70 f2.8, which was the only lens I had for a while until I could afford to buy more. When Mark and I went to East London last Sunday to wander around Shoreditch photographing street art, I decided that I would only use this lens even though I now have three others at my disposal, as it is just right for capturing close-up detail as well as broader views, and I work much faster when I am not having to keep stopping to change lenses.  This first shot was in the car park as seen in my previous blog post I Like It When A Girl Can Walk Right By, a proper goldmine of artist’s work, and shows from left to right: Snub, Finbarr and DanK.

Street art by Roa and Eine, Shoreditch, East London (Viveca Koh)

This one shot near Old Street was the first Roa that I have seen in person (have seen lots on the web and love this Belgian artist’s work), so was quite excited by this one. There were other interesting little details around it, and the juxtaposition between the rodent and the distinctive letter “R” by Eine made for a satisfying composition.

Big bird by artist Roa on a building wall, Shoreditch, East London (Viveca Koh)

Just off Brick Lane was the second Roa piece that I had discovered after seeing someone else’s photo of it and Googling the name of the Balti house from the sign to find out where exactly it was. This one was obviously very large since it was taking up the entire side of a building, and quite hard to get a “clean” shot as there were parked cars below, so rather reluctantly I had to cut off his foot.

Street art by Kid Acne & Dscreet, Shoreditch, East London (Viveca Koh)

This one by Kid Acne and Dscreet was near to the Roa bird – I liked its cheekiness and have processed it to emphasise the centre of the frame where all the interest lies, fading out the rather uninteresting buildings in the background.

Painting by Bortusk Leer in Shoreditch car park, London, UK (Viveca Koh)

Found a few pasteups by Bortusk Leer, who specialises in cartoon-like characters painted in bright colours onto sheets of newspaper – I have always found them to be quite endearing in their child-like execution.

Catface sticker on a Shoreditch wall, East London (Viveca Koh)

Finally found this one as we were leaving Brick Lane and heading for a much needed sit and drink at the pub. I don’t know who it is by, so if anyone reading this can tell me I would appreciate it. I did get another version of this with a woman with a rather large bottom walking past, but decided to use this version with the standing man as the bottom was far too distracting!

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10 Responses to “East London Street Art”

  1. Wow those are great shots and tones you applied to these outstanding examples of street art.
    Scott Frederick recently posted..ShaftwayMy Profile

  2. really good set and a fun day out- we must spend more time at the market next visit.

    The BW works really well.
    Mark Blundell recently posted..West Park Asylum – Cleanse MeMy Profile

  3. Jim Denham says:

    Great stuff Viveca!
    Jim Denham recently posted..In The MiddleMy Profile

  4. Kristi Hines says:

    I love them all, especially the rodent (kind of ferret / weasel looking) and the cat at the bottom. Street art is one of my favorite things to find & shoot.
    Kristi Hines recently posted..The Eternal FlameMy Profile

  5. Jason Hines says:

    Great images! Street are can be absolutely amazing.
    Jason Hines recently posted..Lemonade SunsetMy Profile

  6. Chris Wray says:

    These are really wonderful photos. I love your use of selective color. Great, rich tones. Gotta luv Silver Efex, eh what?

  7. Chris Nitz says:

    That is some really cool street art. That giant bird on the side of the building is crazy awesome. Great finds!

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