Balloons Ancient and Modern

Painting by artist Phlegm in abandoned building in Sheffield, South Yorkshire (Viveca Koh)

Had lunch with my Mum today, and she showed me her recently compiled album of vintage postcards, all of which were from the Isle of Man.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I came across the one below, of two Victorian ladies posing in a resigned but not altogether grumpy fashion in a fabulous propellered balloon prop in the photographers studio!  It immediately reminded me of the piece by Phlegm that I photographed in Sheffield last month, and whilst both images are far from identical there is undoubtedly a unifying factor at work here.

Have added more contrast to Phelgm piece, as the light was shining in the centre of the image thus making it too bright and losing some detail, and have added a bit of texture and a frame to the balloon ladies to make it more ‘my own’.  I give you the “Balloons Ancient and Modern” ….

Balloon Ladies

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3 Responses to “Balloons Ancient and Modern”

  1. Jim Denham says:

    I very much like the added contrast to the image and think it’s a cool comparison of the two images! Fun stuff!

  2. That’s GREAT – the two ladies look like they’re thoroughly thrilled at the prospect of their exploring!

  3. Viveca, we’re so delighted to see this today, how incredible!! Mrs. Toad and myself are sitting here, getting caught up on the day as we’re a tad bit behind with things and came across your post. A treat, to say the least. The photograph of Phelgm’s work is just so wonderful, we spent a bit of time taking in some of the great great details that you brought to life for everyone to enjoy!! And oh, how we laughed out loud with the image of the 2 Victorian ladies, that is so fabulous! This is really quite the awesome post today, we sure did enjoy this… 🙂

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