Indecisiveness Reigns Supreme!

Help! Trying to decide which of these two photographs to enter for a competition, in the Urban black & white category, which is described as “from a gritty urban environmental portrait to a fine art architectural abstract. It’s not just the subject we are interested in, but the quality of the black & white image.” Been staring at both for so long have lost the ability to be objective, so any feedback would be very helpful and welcome. Does either photograph fulfil the brief? Are they both clichés? Which one would you submit and why? Thanks in advance to anyone who responds to this!


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12 Responses to “Indecisiveness Reigns Supreme!”

  1. Bob Lussier says:

    I love the first, but LOVE the second! That said (sort of) I think the first one fits the architectural abstract criteria. The second is an amazing documentary image (IMHO). Great work.

  2. Viveca,
    My vote goes to the first image. The reflections and composition is a little more interesting. Both images are very nice though. I guess it depends on the entry criteria.


  3. Nico Goodden says:

    Definitely number one. Far more artistic, unusual and love the abstract. The second one, although nice, is not so original.

  4. mark says:

    I like them both, which isn’t much help I know.
    There’s a lot going on in No2, which leads me to study it more, to try and search out whats happening at ground level, in the windows and the like. The one small part that I am not keen on is the reflection of the guy in the top left pane of glass.
    The first shot is more simple, but also compelling for different reasons, its obviously more abstract.

    They’re both great though.

  5. Viveca Koh says:

    Thanks so much to everyone who has responded so far, your feedback has been very helpful. I think I’m going to submit #1 but leaving the floor open to debate for a bit longer!

  6. Hi V
    Both are great but I really like the 1st, abstract and captivating. Great work again!!

  7. Cazpoo says:

    Hi V,
    Myself I love the second, I have studied them both, I like the slight warped affect that you have going on in the first but for me the second hits the spot. It feels as if you must have grown wings to get this shot, love the close up of the people right the way down to the little folk on the street. Excellent shot.

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  9. Michelle says:

    #1 is really unusual. #2 is not that different from many skyscraper-looking-down photos I’ve seen. Lots to look at in #2, but also easy to pass over. #1 will get a second look.

  10. I’m going to be useless here probably. I love both of them. The second one to me has an amazing angle and perspective…you have people looking around, pointing, taking pictures, but you feel like you could just take a step and fall headlong into the city.

    The first one is definitely more artsy and abstract…so maybe it just depends on what kind of contest it is and what you think will do better?

    But honestly, they are both awesome.

  11. Heath O'Fee says:

    Both of these shots are great, Viveca! However, I think personally I prefer the first image…I love the abstract feel and the way the reflection oozes and bubbles from one building panel to the next.

  12. Mel says:

    I love the first one, far more to look at – abstract just to my eyes a better image to fit the brief and one I could look at for a lot longer than the second – which sort of triggers my vertigo

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